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Feel confident in knowing that all Power Flower products are produced to obtain the purest form of CBD nutrients while delivering optimal absorption. Our commitment to purity means no binders, fillers, excipients, dyes, or unknown substances, ever.

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Full Spectrum Tincture
Created with love and formulated for purity and potency, our full-spectrum tinctures are all-natural and organically farmed. Unleash the power of plants and effectively manage pain, anxiety and inflammation. Relief is just a drop away in dosages appropriate for both moderate and acute symptoms.
CBD Water Soluble Nano Softgels - 30 count
Transform your CBD experience with easy-to-swallow, water-soluble softgels. Our high-grade soft gel technology seals active ingredients against bacteria, mold and yeast for increased stability and extended shelf life. Enjoy the assurance of a precise, accurate dosage hermetically sealed in a readily digestible, soft gelatin shell.
Sleep Support Capsules 25mg - 30 Count
The body's greatest healer is a good night's sleep. Our sleep support capsules help calm and soothe, easing anxiety and body pain that interfere with falling and staying asleep. Our superiorly formulated organic CBD also interacts with receptors in the brain that regulate daily sleep/wake cycles.
Prostate Care Capsules 25mg - 30 Count
Prostate issues, although annoying and often painful, don't have to be a game changer. Stay active and engaged and supplement your targeted regimen with our potent CBD and botanical extract blend. Our Prostate Care Capsules provide relief from pain, inflammation, anxiety and discomfort.
Vegan Gummies 25mg - 30 Count
Treat your sweet tooth to a gummy confection with a therapeutic connection. Our full-spectrum, 100% vegan, organic and GMO-free formula is perfect for people who are pill-shy and candy-centric. This sweet, chewy way to de-stress your day, balance your mood, and sharpen your mental awareness is so much more than a gummy . . . it's an indulgence.
Intensive Relief Rub with Emu Oil
The hardest part of working out is having your body remind you afterwards of your effort. Our Relief Rub with Emu Oil provides a dual-action delivery system that eases pain, reduces swelling, and provides powerful, fast-acting relief. Target your discomfort with 1,000 mg of pure CBD and the potent anti-inflammatory effects of penetrating Emu oil. Let our Relief Rub help you quash the pain so you can get back to saving the world again.
CBD AM-PM Moisturizing Cream
Youth is indeed in the fountain, as water hydrates, softens, and smooths skin. Turn back the clock and keep your skin looking young and supple by applying our revitalizing CBD AM-PM Moisturizing Cream regularly. Use it daily to boost hydration, detoxify, and nourish skin into radiance. The years never show when your face is aglow.
CBD Hand Cream
The human hand, author of good works, profound tenderness and able action, deserves special care and attention to protect it against harsh agents, natural elements, and the stresses of overwork. Our CBD Hand Cream with botanical extracts, keeps your skin nourished and protected, and your hands feeling smooth and soft and never greasy.
CBD Relief Roll-On Gel
Athletes, outdoor enthusiasts and active people everywhere can reach for invigorating and revitalizing roll-on relief with Power Flower's pharmaceutical-grade CBD Roll-On gel. Soothe sore muscles and achy joints as aromatic menthol crystals and penetrating peppermint ease stiffness and cool inflammation. Timeless remedies including Willow Bark and Arnica Montana, provide additional support and balance, that may help ease pain and inflammation.
Pow Chow CBD Oil Pet Drops
Bring your four-legged friend's health into harmony with Pow Chow Pet Drops. Although pets cannot tell us what hurts, their behavior, appetite and coat condition offer important clues. Our easily administered CBD Oil supplement is specially formulated to ease stress, anxiety, seizures, tremors or pain and to restore balance and wellbeing. The resultant therapeutic impact is multiplied because by improving the lives of pets, we ease the hearts of the people who love them.
Pow Chow Pet Treats 75mg - 30 Count
Put the KAPOW!! in the Bow Wow and the Meow with our daily Pow Chow Pet Treat immune-boosting supplement. Perfect for supporting joint health and helping ease stress, pain, anxiety and inflammation, our Pet Treats unleash your pet's inner kitten or puppy. Administer regularly for maximum purrs and tail wags.
Skin Care Facial Toner
Skin toner is like the bliss of a kiss to the face. It hydrates, balances pH, tightens pores and restores elasticity, leaving your skin good to glow. Our Facial Toner blends CBD and essential nutrients to reduce blemishes, erase signs of ageing, and renew the harmony of natural blush and bloom.

Power Promise

Superior Quality

Every Power Flower customer expects and deserves exceptional quality, unwavering consistency, and adherence to the most rigorous production standards in the CBD industry.

Empowered Decisions

CBD has potential applications in many aspects of human health. Customers deserve access to the latest research so they can make informed choices. Power Flower empowers its customers with late breaking news and relevant information, providing greater understanding and confidence in managing health and wellness decisions.

Compassionate Crafting

As the trusted provider of supreme quality organic compounds, we are constantly attentive, ensuring that no person is harmed in the creation of our products. Transparent and accountable, we oversee every step in the lifecycle of our products, from seed to production.

Authentic & Absolute Purity

You have the assurance that Power Flower products are mindfully and attentively produced to provide the purest form of CBD nutrients while providing optimal absorption. From sourcing to crafting, our stringent processes, testing, and compliance with regulatory standards make product purity one of our hallmarks.

Empowering Your Wellness

Knowledge for Healthier Living

To be informed is to be empowered. At Power Flower, we're committed to helping you Improve your health and wellbeing by giving you the knowledge you need when selecting any of our CBD products. We want you to feel confident in your choices, assurance around their efficacy, and trust in our mission to provide hope and helpfulness as we improve human and pet wellness.

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Pain is an unpleasant and often debilitating sensory experience that indicates potential or ongoing tissue damage. Even mild pain elevates stress and deteriorates your quality of life. Numerous research studies indicate that full spectrum CBD may significantly help in reducing and relieving pain. Power Flower products are specially designed to help you regain your balance and bliss.

Infuse Power Flower Into Your Life

Incorporating CBD into your life and lifestyle is as easy as drinking a smoothie, or enjoying a glass of orange juice. Why not integrate your CBD regimen into a daily activity, like breakfast or lunch? You can also create a daily wellness ritual that helps you feel special and supported by the healing goodness of Power Flower. You can do this! You've got the will! You've got the POWER!