Put The Kapow In The Bow Wow and the Meow with Our Pow Chow


Put The Kapow In The Bow Wow and the Meow with Our Pow Chow

Power FlowerNovember 6, 2020

One way to help support our pets' physical and emotional balance is to provide them with specially formulated supplements. CBD can provide natural pain relief, minimize anxiety, stimulate appetite and speed healing from illness or surgery in your pet.

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Our pets are often the most consistent part of our lives. We adopt them, adore them, and invite them to be our companions through all of life's ups and downs. In return, they reward us with their loyalty, unconditional love, comic antics, unending enthusiasm, and absolute sensitivity to our needs and emotions. More that 71 million American households (62%) have pets.1 Their therapeutic benefits cannot be ignored. They're a little like apples because they help keep the doctor away. In fact, compared to non-pet owners, pet owners over age 65 make 30% fewer doctor visits.2 Our four-legged friends become our live-in therapists, impacting our physical, emotional, and cognitive health. Their companionship keeps us active and moving, reduces our stress levels, lowers our heart rate, supports us emotionally, mitigates our loneliness, decreases our depression and can even help broaden our social lives. After all, you can meet all kinds of people at dog parks and pet-friendly sidewalk caf├ęs, and pets serve as natural conversation ice breakers. Children and pets make a winning combination too. Caring for a pet can teach a child empathy and responsibility, and help build their confidence and self-esteem. Life is better when you share it with a dog or a cat.


These furry best friends of ours live, sleep, eat, play, exercise, and in some cases go to work with us. They make us feel like we are their reason for being. They become our familiars, our guardians, and our closest allies, and all the while, they are totally dependent on us for their health and wellbeing. While they serve us selflessly, they certainly endure their own share of physical and emotional challenges. For starters, because their lives correlate so closely with our own, they pick up on our worry, sadness, or stress and can be negatively impacted by our emotions. Changes in their daily routine can be disruptive and lead to upsets in their diet, digestion, energy levels, behavior, immune response and even psychological wellbeing. Our modern living environments are often filled with excess stimuli, constant noise, sudden loud sounds, toxins, and even uncertainty that can distress the nervous and biological systems of our four-legged pals. Sometimes we have to leave our pets through the day for extended periods of time, which can make them anxious and insecure.


Just as we want to live our best lives, we want our pets to enjoy that same opportunity. Our goal, when they come to share our hearts and our living space, is to keep them healthy and happy. When they don't feel well, they have no way to tell us. If we are attentive, we may notice that our beloved companions exhibit poor appetite, nausea or diarrhea, stiffness or signs of joint pain, low energy, withdrawal, pacing or inability to relax, abnormal grumpiness or aggression, seizures, muscle spasms, separation anxiety or edginess and fear. These are all signs of disharmony and possibly disease. One way to help support our pets' physical and emotional balance is to provide them with specially formulated supplements. CBD can provide natural pain relief, minimize anxiety, stimulate appetite and speed healing from illness or surgery in your pet. Safe and effective, it is used to help address a broad spectrum of behavioral and medical issues, and can help your pet's body rebuild and rebalance to achieve homeostasis. The American Kennel Club Canine Health foundation has been conducting research on the use of CBD to treat seizures in dogs3, and the National Institute of Health has published research showing CBD's strong anti-convulsant, therapeutic efficacy.4


At Power Flower, we can help put the Bow Wow and the Meow back into your four-legged friends with our immune-boosting Pow Chow CBD oil Pet Drops and Pet Treats. Our CBD supplements are meticulously created through the pure, organic extraction from hemp, free of heavy metals and pesticides, and lab-tested for potency and purity.  They work by interacting with a network of receptors in your pet's endocannabinoid system, specifically the CB1 receptors in the brain, nervous system, organs and glands, and the immune system's CB2 receptors in the regulatory cells. The endocannabinoid system helps control inflammation, and when production of receptors slows down, CBD can help stimulate the building of this network to assist the body's ability to maintain a stable environment.


Most pet owners will do everything in their power to ensure the health and happiness of their companion animals. If your pet isn't at peak health, the whole world can feel out of balance. Choose Power Flower's Pow Chow to help support your pet's joint health, control seizures, and ease stress, pain, anxiety, and inflammation.  Make it a regular part of your furry friend's daily regimen to restore balance and wellbeing, and maximize purrs and tail wags. As we at Power Flower like to say, the therapeutic impact of Pow Chow is multiplied exponentially because by improving the lives of pets everywhere, it also eases the hearts of the people who love them. That is a beautiful way to help create a healthier, happier world.



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