Futurum Forum: Creating Through Adversity

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Futurum Forum: Creating Through Adversity

Power FlowerJune 16, 2020


Challenge is a catalyst for thoughtful, creative change and growth. On July 23, Power Flower will be sponsoring the ground-breaking virtual summit Futurum Forum as it explores the timely topic "Creating Through Adversity." In this period of epic, revolutionary change and reinvention, business leaders are coming together for talk, exploration and action as we endeavor to create a better, stronger, more equal and inclusive world. Power Flower's founder Michael Swartz will be joining the speaker panel to share how his lifelong quest to improve his son's health and wellness inspired his CBD company's purpose. Michael will offer his insights on building and rolling out a wellness startup company amid both the usual ups and downs of such a venture as well as in the midst of pandemic, economic uncertainty, and the BLM global revolution.

More event information coming >

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