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From Heart To Business: The Riley Story & Founding of Power Flower

Power FlowerNovember 18, 2020

The drive to do something consequential is natural to most people. More than ever, people are focused on doing something more than just surviving in life. Today, many people in the world are privileged to live in an environment and an era where they can elevate their knowledge and skills and pursue a life of purpose.


Not everyone knows automatically what they want out of life, what kind of impact they want to have, or how they will overlay education and experience to accomplish their goals. Sometimes that journey toward a purpose-driven life looks a lot like a pinball game, where you are launched by the flipper of fate in particular directions with certain trajectories. Opportunities flash before you. You may have particular interests or skill sets that incline you in one direction or another. You may be in the right place at the right time with the right person who, like the Great Oz, shows you worlds of potential and causes you to reach further and dream bigger. What is for certain is that success in achieving whatever catches your eye, captures your heart, or fuels your ambition is possible only with hard work, laser focus, and great determination.


Sometimes you think you've found your Shangri-La, your perfect occupation and perfect world, but the Universe is only just getting started with you. It wants you to up your game, shift your sights, broaden your vision, and advance toward serving a greater good. It's not always convenient or comfortable. It may come with great sacrifice. The inspiration may even be an event or situation that tears at your heart. But you know you can't look away. You must give that vision, that need to fill a greater need, everything that is in you.


That heart-motivated inspiration is exactly how Power Flower came to be. Founder Michael Swartz was a Florida native who grew up out west. His Dad worked for Delta Airlines, so he had a chance to travel the world and experience other cultures. He saw that many people in the world did not have what we would consider life's basics, and he wanted to make a difference solving challenges. After graduating college and exploring several directions, he found his passion in product design, and was driven by the concept that we have the power to create a better future. His course was charted, but the coordinates soon changed.


In 2000, at 13 months of age, Swartz's son Riley was diagnosed with West Syndrome, a rare form of epilepsy. Every problem-solving challenge begins with research, and Swartz dove into learning everything he could about the diagnosis, the prognosis, and the vast array of traditional and alternative therapeutic treatments. He realized that West Syndrome, and its devastating effects on the brain, would be a difficult, lifelong journey for his son. CBD was not readily available at the time, and information about dosing was neither standardized or apparent. By 2017, Riley was enduring a rampage and broad spectrum of seizure types, necessitating a last resort sequence of brain surgeries at Stanford Children's Hospital.


Swartz continued his in-depth research into the emerging use of medical cannabinoids as an ongoing effort to help mitigate his son's pain and hardship. Riley began taking CBD in June 2018 and thus far has been seizure free. Consequently, Swartz felt the deep need to fill the need he'd encountered when desperately scrambling for help for his son and trying to discern any shred of information about the medicinal benefits, availability and dosing recommendations of medical cannabinoids. He wanted to offer people hope, help, and sometimes a hand up. He wanted to give them the knowledge they needed in order to make informed decisions in the treatment of illnesses and conditions and solutions for leading a healthier and more balanced life. Swartz helped found Power Flower in order to create awareness and provide ready access to the therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids and other botanical compounds.


And so, Swartz continues his work in product design and innovation, but at a whole different level and from a heart-based perspective. Intent on empowering a healthier world, he is imbuing his CBD product company with that same ethos. And he's changing the organic CBD industry, where there is little regulation around what sellers can say on a label. Swartz has made it Power Flower's mission to improve human and pet health and wellbeing, educate people, and teach them how to reach a therapeutic dosage level when administering CBD.

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