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Power Flower:: CBD and COVID-19

Power FlowerOctober 27, 2020

The world health community is frantically researching and trial testing multiple possible vaccines to help people around the globe eventually treat or prevent this virulent and sometimes deadly disease. Some researchers are exploring the possible benefits of Cannabis-derived CBD.

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Today the world finds itself in the clutches of a COVID-19 pandemic. The world health community is frantically researching and trial testing multiple possible vaccines to help people around the globe eventually treat or prevent this virulent and sometimes deadly disease. Some researchers are exploring the possible benefits of Cannabis-derived CBD, including its potential to help COVID-19 patients suffering from acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS).1

ARDS, for which there is no known cure, is triggered by a "cytokine superstorm," which is an overactive inflammatory response. This superstorm is behind the acute infection suffered by COVID-positive people, which manifests as fever, cough and muscle pain and can result in severe pneumonia and inability to breathe. Some medicines that have been tested for their ability to help clear patients lungs have showed 90% effectiveness, but unfortunately they also triggered severe side effects such as an inflamed pancreas and severe coronary artery disease.

A study from researchers at Augusta University in Georgia suggests that CBD can have a positive impact on ARDS, for which there is a great need for therapeutic modalities that have true medical efficacy.2 In the research, Mice were artificially induced to become symptomatic with ARDS. When they registered 10% oxygen reduction and structural lung damage, they were administered CBD as a therapeutic treatment. The results were noteworth. Symptoms in the mice were either totally or partially reversed.

Researchers from the University of Nebraska and the Texas Biomedical Research Institute are also currently investigating CBD's ability to reduce pro-inflammatory cytokine production.3 A peer review article in the July 2020 issue of Brain, Behavior and Immunity details this study. In addition, it was discovered that CBD increases the production of interferons, a signaling protein that instructs immune cells to eat replicating viruses for lunch. CBD may also have the potential to reduce an individual's overall susceptibility to the Corona virus. Research and time will tell, but prior research points in a promising direction.


In an animal study on asthma, CBD reduced pro-inflammatory cytokine production and airway inflammation.4 One of the problems with a cytokine storm is its propensity to induce pulmonary fibrosis, a scarring and thickening of lung tissue which makes breathing difficult and can increase distress on the heart. In that same study it was shown that CBD was able to reduce the magnitude of pulmonary fibrosis. These initial results hold promise, as pulmonary fibrosis is a possible outcome of contracting COVID-19.


Aside from its noteworthy anti-inflammatory properties, CBD delivers multiple benefits when treating conditions. For example, CBD does not cause disorienting psychotropic effects. And the FDA has already approved it as safe for children with epilepsy. It has been proven to help people reduce and manage their anxiety.5 This can be of great benefit to anyone who is ill, concerned about becoming ill, or extremely challenged and stressed by the toll the pandemic is taking on families, communities, the economy, employment, and people in extended periods of isolation.


Further studies on whether or not CBD is able to directly impact or be used to treat COVID-19 must be done concurrently with other possible therapeutic options. The world is in a race against time to save lives with treatments that are tested, reliable, effective and safe. For these studies to have any real efficacy, it is important that only the highest quality, premium CBD be used in research, trials and treatment. Here at Power Flower, we stringently monitor and maintain our product purity and potency standards. All Power Flower products are organic and sustainably sourced, and are created with the health and wellbeing of all our people and customers in mind. We believe in our products and in delivering the information you need to select the product and potency that is right for you.



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